28 April 2012

Today I’m happy to announce the official public release of db-query-assistant.

For those who haven’t read my initial post on the module, here is a quick summary:

  • High-level library for node database drivers.
  • Configurable connection pooling.
  • Issue multiple simultaneous queries, and get all results back in a callback when the last query completes.
  • Issue queries in series, getting the results for each previous query back before executing the next one.
  • Issue transactional queries, with automatic rollback on query failure.

This release includes a fairly comprehensive unit test suite for the core library, using the awesome mocha test framework. I decided against unit tests for the drivers, as I feel those would be better served by integration tests (which I may add in the future).

The module has been published to the npm registry, and a simple npm install db-query-assistant will now do the trick.